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Dog one for sale

Bernad - Alaskan Malamute (8 months)

Friendly, playful, and lovable! He is showered with love and attention, and it's sweet personality are sure to steal your heart! He is up to date on all shots and dewormer, and will be vet checked before coming home with you to ensure the best of health.

Both parents enjoy life on the premises and would love to meet you when you visit. This cutie promise to bring lots of love, laughter to your family!

Alaskan Husky For Sale

Whiskey - Alaskan Husky (1.5 years)

Whiskey embodies everything you'd expect from a one year old Alaskan Husky! He is full of energy and dramatic talents. He loves to be near his people and he does very well with other dogs his size. He is great about going in his crate, he will voice his displeasure when you leave the room, but will eventually quiet and rest. He knows some basic commands but would certainly benefit from a beginning obedience class. He can get overly excited and will jump up on people and doors; We are in the beginning stages of teaching him to 'sit' before exiting a door. He needs a home who will be diligent about exercising him. Backyard time is not enough for this active boy. He needs daily walks and would probably make a good running companion.

Dog Three Alaskan Klee Kai

Appa - Alaskan Klee Kai (2 years)

Hello, I'm Appa, and I'm looking for my furever family! I'm a very handsome black-grayish fur with expressive eyes, who loves to love on my hoomans. I'm generally a pretty gentle and sweet boy who likes to follow my hoomans around to make sure they get all the love they deserve. I'm working on crate training, but am told I am usually pretty good on a leash! I'd be happy to learn some tricks from my new family though, as long as we get to cuddle afterwards! So if you're looking for a fluffy lover, then I'm your boy, and make sure to mention Appa on your application!

Dog Four Eskimo

Autumn - American Eskimo (3 years)

Hi, I'm Autumn. I've been through a lot, but I've come out sweet as ever. I'm a mellow girl, who loves my hoomans. I'm affectionate, showering those I love with kisses and snuggles. I also love toys, especially ones with ropes in them. I pick up on things quickly, and I've already learned "sit," "shake," and "lay down". I'm definitely treat-motivated, too - I love me some tasty snackos! Everyone who meets me remarks about how sweet and kind I am. If you want a lovely, floofy girl to love you unconditionally, then start this fall by applying to adopt me, Autumn!

Medical: Autumn is on twice-daily medication for seizures. With medication, she has not had a seizure in over a year

Dog Five Siberian Husky

Agave - Siberian Husky (4 years)

Hi, I'm Agave! I'm a smart, crackerjack of a guy. I know lots of commands already, both by hearing them or by seeing them in American Sign Language - a multilingual pup! I enjoy a pool in the summer, hikes in cooler weather, and cuddling at the end of the day and watching TV with my people. I do have a few things to work on, but I'm such a smart guy, that I'm sure I'll make good progress. If I sound like the type of guy for you, then apply to meet me, Agave!

Dog Six Samoyed

Posey - Saymond (8 months)

Hey, guys! I'm Posey. I'm a sweet girl looking to be part of a family that will love me and show me how to be a good family member. I like going on walks and adventures. Sometimes I can be a little testy with dogs my size at first, but after a few hours I settle in. I usually really enjoy hanging out with small hoomans - they are so much fun and give good belly rubs! If you have a family that just needs a bloom to brighten your home, then apply to adopt me, Posey!

Dog Seven Greenland

Orinoco - Greenland (9 months)

Hi! My name is Orinoco and I'm looking for my furever family! I'm a pretty active dude who enjoys walks and playtime, so I would prefer an active family to match my energy, and one that will be patient with me as I encounter all the awesome new adventures! And since I enjoy the company of most doggos, especially the ladies, most cats, and children, I'd be a pretty awesome addition to even the bigger families! The more the merrier, I say! I'll even share my food and toys with my new fam! So if you're looking for an active furry family member, then I'm your doggo, so be sure to mention Orinoco on your application!

Dog Eight Seppala Siberian Sled dog

OX - Seppala Siberian Sled Dog (2 years)

Hello! My name is Ox and I am new to Taysia Blue Rescue. Oxen are domesticated bovines known to be strong and dependable. They are herbivores, typically used on farms to pull heavy loads. I am a domesticated dog, house-trained, and you can depend on me to be your personal lovebug. Put Ox on an application to meet me.