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Chuck's Pizza, Web Site Proposal

Site Design & Implementation

Prepared by: Mara Mandernach, 01/23/2022


Chuck, born in Sicily, Italy while he grew up his family had their own pizza place that was exceedingly popular and there, he learned how to make pizza from start to end. He then moved from Italy to America to start his own business in Making his own freshly homemade pizzas ready to be delivered or picked up by the customer. Chuck’s Pizza’s business started in 2020, because of the pandemic his pizzeria is take out only and not a restaurant, keeping his employees and customers safe from COVID. His ingredients are organically grown, and the recipes are from generations of his family passed down.

Unique Selling Point

Chuck’s unique selling point is that during his time in Italy he has helped his family make pizzas from scratch at their family business in Sicily. He even hand tosses his own pizza’s and unlike the other pizza places in Grimes, Iowa, his pizza is not only homemade but also uses fresh organic ingredients in the pizza. Chuck believes that this pandemic has been hard on all of us, and he believes that his pizza can be a warm comfort to your aching appetite.

Goal of Website

The goal of this website is to both supply information about its pizzeria and for a place for customers to order their pizza at.

Current Web Presence

Chuck’s Pizza currently has no website presence; however, it does have social media currently present.

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Since there is no website currently present or a logo to be used for this business, I would recommend we make a logo for the pizzeria with specific colors that we would then use as part of the theme for the website. We would want to add his social media that he already has into the website and find out how interactive he would like the website to be without it being too distracted from what the user's main goal is when using the website. We want the website to show many pictures of the pizzas to show the customer the choices they have when ordering a pizza. We will also want the customer to know the location of the pizzeria so that if they choose to pick up the order they will know exactly where to find it. It would also be good to have a description about the chef and their process of how they make their pizza and to note that they use fresh ingredients as well as they hand toss their own pizzas. And finally, when ordering pizza, people like to have a wide variety of choices, especially since you never know if they have an allergy to a specific ingredient, it's good to have the choice to take it out. There should also be another way of just ordering a pizza that is already a choice on the list of pizzas added with an image to have an idea of what it looks like. Finally, a form for applying to work there is never a bad idea since we are in the time of the “Great Resignation” and since many workers were laid off during the pandemic, they could be looking for a job that they know won’t be closed since this isn’t your typical restaurant.

Content – Proposed Pages

Site Map


The design will be built using Bootstrap 4/CSS/JS, bootstrap is easy to set up and master, it has a lot of components, a good grid system, styling for many HTML elements ranging from typography to buttons, as well as support of JavaScript plugins, making it even more flexible. With bootstrap we can its gallery carousel for images or even use a bootstrap card to put in testimonials about customers reviews of the pizzeria. We would make the website interactive and easy to navigate without going overboard like making the button animate when you hover over it. To add to the theme is what colors to go with and since he is from Italy maybe we would make it Italy colors red, white, and green. I would recommend using Dreamweaver for your editor which may cost for subscription to adobe.

Price and Procedural Timeline

In all fairness, I have not made much of a name for myself and realistically I have only made maybe a dozen or more fictional websites during my academic career and only made 4 websites for real businesses and my price was only $100 because I wasn’t sure how you go about pricing these kinds of services. I’m willing to probably price my services at $500 -$1000 to build the website. I would also plan to have this website completed in three months as I see that it is a reasonable time to work and complete the project.