Reaserch and Define CSS Terms.

  1. Specificity
  2. Whenever there are several conflicting rules that effect the same element in css, the browser will use the one that has the highest rank.

  3. Precedence
  4. When multiple CSS selectors match an element with the same spicificity, the browser will choose the one closest to the element.

  5. Inheritance
  6. inheritance controls what happens when no value is specified for a property on an element.

  7. Property
  8. Property is what sets the style of an element in CSS an example would be text-color or font-color or even background-image. These affect how the page looks.

  9. Value
  10. Value determines how a CSS propery stlyles the element. An example would be if a background color is given a green value ( background-color: green; ) than the backound color of the element will be green.

  11. Selector
  12. A selector in CSS is the process of selecting an element that you want to style. So the element p will select the paragraph element.