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Pizza of the Day

Pizza of the Day

Meat Meets Veggie

We serve pizza the old-fashioned way, using what is known as a "stone deck oven". We use only the highest quality ingredients in our food - such as mozzarella cheese made form the Grade A milk, fresh-cut vegetables and our homemade sausage.

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About the Owner

Chuck, born in Sicily, Italy while he grew up his family had their own pizza place that was exceedingly popular and there, he learned how to make pizza from start to end. He then moved from Italy to America to start his own business in Making his own freshly homemade pizzas ready to be delivered or picked up by the customer. Chuck’s Pizza’s business started in 2020, because of the pandemic his pizzeria is take out only and not a restaurant, keeping his employees and customers safe from COVID. His ingredients are organically grown, and the recipes are from generations of his family passed down.